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Dosdin, Sociedade de Estudos e Gestão de Investimentos, S.A.

Dosdin is a family owned enterprise, founded in 1985 by Prof. Doutor Nandin de Carvalho, who initiated his career as lawyer, and later evolved to developing the activity of managing consultant to several provate and public entities.

Nandin de Carvalho is Master in Political and Economic Sciences, frequented the Auditors Course held by the National Institute, has a D.E.A. by the Motpellier Law Faculty and is a University Professor. He has performed in several public and political functions as well as a consultant for foreign political leaders.

Dosdin is a management consultancy company (legal classification: CAE 74 140) which mainly aims to provide personalised assistance to national and international company leaders.

lt provides a wide range of consultancy: from the legal and economic information to communication and image, as well as the elaboration of economic studies and tax planning; it provides clients with permanent coaching, establishing a solid partnership environment, especially regarding lobbying actions.

Dosdin is a shareholder of 2 companies:

  • Servidin – Serviços Prediais de Investimento, Lda – Business Center in Miraflores (Dosdin Business Center) And local accommodation in Lisbon (Campolide and Picoas) in São João do Estoril.
  • Agirdin – Agroturismo de Investimento, Lda –Agroturismo de Investimento, Lda – Management of Camping Sites (Alenquer Camping) and Alqueva Rural Camping resort.

Dosdin team:

Prof. Dr. Luís Nandin de Carvalho

Dr. Caldas – Tax consultor